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+1 Federic jhon · July 2, 2015
hello, i am Federic i study waves of information and how they travel. long story short, i was thinking of a idea where a device that can read or (decode) wireless information from cellphone or any device that manipulate information through wifi or wirelessly. 

main idea here is :

when a device send package of information its obviously encrypted but getting that  decrypted is not the problem.
the problem is to actually get that package and save it through a memory where you can take all them time to decrypted in any manner. and the question is that can i actually make a device where it send a signal to the phone where it acts like a wifi signal that just interfeing but its line of code to opens a channel and gives me access collect the information. its kind of like eavesdropping someone but not taping their phone.

but idk if that thing does actually exist or not just wanted to point out because school is starting and i have to have realistic new kind of idea about the "evolution of technology" where i have to share it in class. 

i like computer science than any other tech or (career) so whenever a teacher throws me  a project about  researching a topic i always choose about technology and stuff like that.

this is for educational purpose only. iam not intending to use it or test on to a human being and stalk someone period.

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0 Cardinal Coog · July 2, 2015
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