Help me check this php file

0 Raji Rajah · July 1, 2015
I designed a web templates on index.html,and when i run it,it show Properly.So when I started breaking the templates into
each segment LIKE:  head.php,header.php,side_bar.php,footer.php... and included it on index.php.WhenI  run it,it shows litle wide space at top of the browser,Which I DON't LIKe.Pls help me out
[br/] you can check it on

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0 Aju Antony · July 2, 2015
bro bucky has replied to your problem in HTML forum, check there.

and try opening the source code with text editors like notepad or notepad++ to see if you have accidentally pasted that line (&#65279)
0 Aju Antony · July 2, 2015
try to send me through private mail if you are uncomfortable sharing the code in a public forum
0 Aju Antony · July 2, 2015
hmm, maybe something inside header.php, can you post the php codes? i don't get much from the above code...
0 Raji Rajah · July 2, 2015
Thanks bro but i still don't get your procedure[br/]
Here are the files and code:[br/]


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Where am I going to make the changes?
0 Aju Antony · July 1, 2015
i need to see the source code, anyway the problem is this


&#65279;         <------- this line! your code is somehow rendering this into the output file, find it! clear it! :)

<div class="container-fluid head">
<center><img src="img/AAUA_logo.jpg" class="img-responsive"></center>
0 Aju Antony · July 1, 2015
/images/forum/upload/2015-07-01/5fc7353f6d758a4f677471c3e9af80a2.pngThis is before the EDIT (Original)
/images/forum/upload/2015-07-01/32d9db0cc717c2b011a4e71969ae2fbb.pngand This is after the edit :)
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