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+1 Ethan Helwig · July 1, 2015
First of all, apologies, as I am not very savvy with html or css.

I'm having trouble with positioning things like charts and making the webpage itself the right size in terms of it's width to put it simply.

My webpage so far isn't sized correctly, so i'm able to scroll side to side on the page even when it's enlarged fully. I'm not sure how I should go about fixing this problem. If I set the width to a certain about of pixels, would other people viewing the website have trouble with this as well?

#herobox {position:relative; left:200px;}
#h1title {position:relative; left:525px;}
#aboutme {position:relative; left:200px;} 

Instead of using the text above to position the tables and text and such, should I be using percentages so that it is the same for everyone viewing the page on different computers?


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0 Superman HC · July 1, 2015
I think you should try to put one element as position:fixed and the other elements to be relative. This will cause size of other two elements vary dynamically with respect to first element while resizing the size of browser...
0 Aju Antony · July 1, 2015
hmm, i think i would suggest you use "Twitter Bootstrap"
i used to have problems with positioning too before i started using Bootstrap :)
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