Brand spankin' new to Linux - seeking nifty command uses

0 Greg Martin · July 1, 2015
Hey Everyone!

I am new to Linux and am getting acquainted with shell commands. I am trying to wrap my head around some of the commands better, like using "telnet" or figuring out the difference between "dig" and "nslookup," but over all I feel like I am developing an okay foundation for basic stuff.

I am just wondering: what are some nifty ways you yourselves use commands like "ls" "ps" "top" "cat" etc. to get things done efficient and effectively??


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0 Cardinal Coog · July 1, 2015
I would never recommend a person new to Linux run anything as root. sudo, yes. root. NO. For the most part, you can do anything you might want administratively with sudo. If you're "brand spankin'" new to Linux, it's very easy to screw things up as root.
+1 Tatrasiel R · July 1, 2015
@Cardinal you have to start somewhere am I right?  The commands he's is asking for are pretty basic. So if you have anything that could help , that would be cool.

I use often 

ls -lah

ls for list directory contents, options -l for list , -a for all  , -h for human readable.
for ps I usually use 

ps -ef

top,cat are essentially used by themselves.

""dig uses the OS resolver libraries. nslookup uses is own internal ones.""

found here:

Looks like nslookup was almost removed but they changed their minds. So it might be a good idea to just know dig.
+1 Cardinal Coog · July 2, 2015
Here's a Linux Cheat Sheet in PDF:
+1 Cardinal Coog · July 2, 2015
Also, if you can avoid telnet, do so. Use SSH (secure shell) instead.
+1 Tatrasiel R · July 2, 2015
Hey Cardinal Coog this is a good find! :D
0 Greg Martin · July 4, 2015
Hey thank you Cardinal Coog!! I will definitely be all about that list.

Much appreciation on the advice guys!
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