Can't Remmber all tutorials

+1 TaL Mu · July 9, 2014
Hello all

So now i'm learn the tutorial XHTML/CSS and i'm almost done the tutorial but i always forget few things like how to style links and more things...
my question is:
how can i remmber all the tutorial?
sometimes i go over the tutorial and see all the videos again and again but after 3 days i don't remmber few things...

can you guys help me with that ?

thanks :)

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0 TaL Mu · July 10, 2014
OK thanks 
0 Andre Furfält · July 13, 2014
I look at them 2 times just too repeat.I remember pretty Much everything from the tutorials :) not everything but most of it, try it :)I have xhtml, css, javascript and à little css3 in my head :)
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