0 mutasadiq iqbal · June 30, 2015
can anyone tell me why we CMS in web development and why it is important in worpress

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0 Ron Butcher · July 1, 2015
CMS is a Content Management System.  Wordpress and Drupal are two examples of a CMS that is built using PHP and MySQL.

The CMS is used to allow the web host or user to easily update their page with the latest information.  Think about a news website that has to constantly post the latest news at the top of its page.  Having a web developer write a new page each time it is updated is horribly inefficient, so they use a CMS to input the story information into a form and it is placed at the top of the page.  As new stories are added, the old stories move toward the bottom, but are still available to be viewed.
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Server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages.