My emulator is not working.Help!

0 gaurab pant · June 30, 2015
my android emulator doesn't work.
As soon as i open it,I don't get a sound in the video and emulatort itself never works.

my emulator configuration are
Nexus5 4.95" 1080*1920 xxhdpi
startup size and orientation :auto
emulated performance
:use hoist gpu

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0 Jagdeep Matharu · June 30, 2015
Ah ha !! every one has same issue , this is 4th time i am suggesting GenYMotion.

Just gave suggestion to another post :

have a look :)
0 Ivan Nobre Vereiski · June 30, 2015
Hi there Garaub.

I had some issues with my emulators too.

I had to do some trial and error, but in my machine I realized that no device with resolution greater than 768x1280;xhdpi would start.

I can't use host GPU either so I have to disable it. In my case snapshots are ok to use, but you may have to try it to see if that's the case for you.

Keep changing the devices configuration till you find one that can solve your problems.

Knowing what I know today I would start creating a nexus S with android 4.0.3 and see if it works, trying with gpu, without gpu, with snapshot... try entering into advanced settings and reducing your device's memory to 128MB and going up until you know what you can and can't do in your emulators...

Best regards,
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