Help ! Stucked Right After Opening Andriod Studio

0 Tee Chee Seng · June 29, 2015
So after i've done everything to the first three video tutorials, i still can't manage to get to the page after u created a blank application. It would just be showing me that my gradle sync have issues.

Warning:The project encoding (windows-1252) does not match the encoding specified in the Gradle build files (UTF-8).
This can lead to serious bugs.

This is what it showed me below at the message gradle sync area.
Would be awesome if someone can help me with this because one friend of mine is stucked here too.

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0 Ivan Nobre Vereiski · June 29, 2015
Hi there!

Have you tried to follow the link that comes along with this message and change one of those to match the other?

As, I'm assuming here, a windows user, your new files probably gonna stick with windows-1252 so I suggest you to change everything to it. There's some disadvantages to this solution but I think you will be fine.

Doing the other way around ( setting everything to utf-8 ) will still bring you that kind of warning every once in a while so... your choice here...

Best regards,
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