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+1 Miguel Angel Mendez · June 29, 2015
What languages do I need to learn if I want to do a web page like ??

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+1 mike richardson · June 29, 2015
If you are that new to development then you need to set your goals more incremental.

1. Learn how to build a site with HTML5/CSS3
2. Research and learn your dynamic language (php, etc)
3. Learn SQL
4. incorporate SQL and dynamic design into your HTML/CSS site

If you try to take on to much at once you will just overwhelm yourself.

Bucky has great tutorials to learn but one of the best place i have used to just practice what you are learning is

Have fun!!!
+1 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 29, 2015
html, css and javascript for the frontend, then a dynamic language like php or nodejs or ruby or java or python or perl the list goes on, then a datastore like mysql or mongodb or mariadb or my personal favorite postgresql
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