Can anyone please help me with the 20 errors in the code

0 android learner · June 29, 2015
Please help me resolve this issue/images/forum/upload/2015-06-28/0b6169c978ecca06d5032ab0ea22c805.pngthis issue

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0 android learner · June 29, 2015
@Kayler Renslow thank you. it worked :)
0 Ivan Nobre Vereiski · June 29, 2015
Hi there!

A good rule of thumb is to follow the curly red lines in your code... usually they show you where the error is.

If it does not solve all the errors and you can't find it yourself, copy and paste the code in the forum using the code formatting tool available here and we can help you find it. Normally it's easier with the code than with a print screen.

Best regards,
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