Make partition on laptop ssd ?

0 Jonas Meise · June 28, 2015
Hey Guys :)

I just bought a new laptop because about in half a year I will begin to study and only having a desktop setup wouldn't be that nice.
This is the laptop I bought:

I know there are laptops on the market where I get more power for less money but I really like the design and features it has and it should be totally enough for what I intend on using it. 

// I want to use it for working, editing Office Documents and also write  programms or create websites on it when I am bored and not at home (where I have my desktop setup for gaming and stuff).

Also I have a small and handy external hard drive for my media so I don't need much storage space on my laptop.

The question now is if it is wise to make two partitions on the avaiable 256gb ssd.

What are the pros and cons?
Is it wise to do that on such a small drive?
And if yes, how big should the two partitions be. (One for the programs and one for my other data.)
(programm wise I only want to install a few usefull programms, some IDE's and maybe one or two games like Hearthstone in case I get really bored. ^^

Thanks for your advices :)


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0 Jonas Meise · June 28, 2015
With windows on it there are about 190 gb of free storage left.
0 Jonas Meise · June 28, 2015
So do you think maybe 140gb for C: (programs) and 227-140 =  87gb D: for files would be a good size?
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