Site is horrible on mobile..

+1 Nivilus Vranck · July 8, 2014

This site is just horrible on mobile (android).. The menu bugs out on mobile (and on pc). And i can't post anything to the forums on my mobile. Tried several browsers.

I don't know if IOS has the same issues but probably so? 

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+1 William Frost · July 19, 2014
Indeed mate 
+1 Nathan Lloyd · July 16, 2014
The site needs to be responsive, that's for sure
0 Steven the awesome · July 19, 2014
It is bad on my mobile to. But Bucky is not going to change this until this website works 100% on the computer. 
0 dyst0pia Flagitious · July 18, 2014
Same for iOS, when you pinch to zoom the site will try to center everything to fit within the mobile browser. To me this seems like a CSS issue....but then again I still consider myself a newb to website design so don't hold it against me if I am wrong about my assumption :)
0 Megos Unknown · July 19, 2014
Yep! And It dose not even let me log into my account via mobile.
0 Nivilus Vranck · July 19, 2014
Haha it's ok. My title makes it seem as it is a "rage post". That's why i thought you were being negative. My bad.

Btw i have just noticed there isn't a quote button, which also would come in handy.
-1 Nivilus Vranck · July 19, 2014
Didn't mean it in a bad way. I'm just saying it as it is. That's what this section if for right? :P
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