Hey i trying to maik for my game main menu and i dont know how to make my buttons to work i using Slic2D and LWJGL libraries My GameMenu Class:

package lt.CobaltPlanet.nelixus.state;

import org.newdawn.slick.*;
import org.newdawn.slick.state.*;

public class GameMenu extends BasicGameState{

Image Backgruond,Game_Title;
Image play,play_hover,play_pressed;
Image option,option_hover,option_pressed;
Image quit,quit_hover,quit_pressed;

public GameMenu(int state){

public void init(GameContainer gamecontainer1, StateBasedGame statebasedgame1) throws SlickException{
Game_Title = new Image("res/Game_Title.png");
Backgruond = new Image("res/BG.png");
play = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/play.png");
play_hover = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/play_hover.png");
play_pressed = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/play_pressed.png");
quit = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/quit.png");
quit_hover = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/quit_hover.png");
quit_pressed = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/quit_pressed.png");
option = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/options.png");
option_hover = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/options_hover.png");
option_pressed = new Image("res/Main_menu_buttons/options_pressed.png");

public void render(GameContainer gamecontainer1, StateBasedGame statebasedgame1, Graphics g1) throws SlickException{
quit.draw(205, 366);
            //Mouse Position
            g1.drawString(mousePos, 10, 25);

public void update(GameContainer gamecontainer1, StateBasedGame statebasedgame1, int delta1) throws SlickException{
public int getID(){
return 1;


Pleas help me tu make buttons to work