HAXM not compatible.

0 Nathan Moland · June 26, 2015
 PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME why Intel HAXM is not compatible in my computer

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0 Dol Lod · July 28, 2015
Go to developer settings on your phone and enable it. Then connect your device by cable and select run by device.
0 Sylvester Adjapong · July 27, 2015
Can i use my andriod device instead....how do i connect to run the app
0 Dol Lod · July 27, 2015
Remember that while it is not convenient, you could always try obtaining a real Android device somehow and test on that. You don't have to use a virtual device although it can make it more convenient. 
0 Willie Kan · July 25, 2015
have you try Genymotion as an alternative??? because it is much more stable and smooth. I am using a AMD system though.
0 Nathan Moland · July 25, 2015
I face the same problem. But I only did is reinstall all the android studio delete all android studio files and folders after you've all done that. When installing make sure that there is no interuption when downloading the android studio features.
+1 Andries Lerm · July 18, 2015

I am sorry if this was already answered in another thread. 

I used my laptop for my Android Studio, but it ran to slow. So I fixed up my PC, and thought it would be better. I firstly checked if my computer has visualisation and I downloaded a program called "Speccy" and it shows that indeed visualization is supproted and also enabled. 

I did the installation, including the Intel X86  emulator accelarator (HAXM) as Bucky's tutorial shows, but now when I went into program files and ran the application it showed me this

I would like to add that I did check forums and it was stated that I must disable Hyper V, but my computer does not have Hyper V. Another advise was to check my anti-virus, and I disabled the items it told me to but still nothing. I am at a total loss.

0 Ivan Nobre Vereiski · June 29, 2015
Hey Rekxs, you can always try to run in a no HAXM environment like Andries is trying! I believe the solution I just posted can solve your problems without the need to exchange your operational system of choice.

Best regards,
0 rekxs pein · June 29, 2015
I have similar problem and my solution is not possible because my pc has AMD processor and GPU and Virtual Machine Acceleration features needs system’s CPU supports one of the following virtualization extensions technologies:
Intel Virtualization Technology (VT, VT-x, vmx) extensions
AMD Virtualization (AMD-V, SVM) extensions (only supported for Linux).

Damn I have to install A Studio on Kubuntu hope it will work.

But Soon I am hopping that developers could develop for AMD GPUs also.
0 Ivan Nobre Vereiski · June 29, 2015
Hi there, Andries!

To use it without the HAXM you should use an specific image of device's processor (ARM)... this thread in stack overflow seems to cover it good:


The step by step I use is something like:
To run ARM images (presumably you already installed them):
In AVD manager:
Create a new 'Virtual Device' OR 'Duplicate' one
Choose arm* .
Continue like nothing changed.

Best Regards,
0 Andries Lerm · June 29, 2015
Good day

I am requesting help on this same issue.

I found that my computer is not compatible with Visualisation. What can I do to use the emulator?

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