Is Eclipse Required?

0 Spencer Bergamo · June 26, 2015
All of the other tutorials have included Eclipse... do you necessarily need to have it?

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0 Ethan Z · June 29, 2015
I used Eclipse for a year and half, then began using IntelliJ. I will never use any other Java IDE ever again. It feels so much more complete, runs so much faster, and just feels... better. It's hard to explain unless you've seen it yourself.
0 SAMUEL APPIAH · June 29, 2015
can you use apple terminal in writing these java codes and how can you run them if its possible to write them in that terminal?
+1 Neil Cannon · June 28, 2015
I tried eclipse and net beans and of the two I prefer net beans!
+1 Ivan Nobre Vereiski · June 27, 2015
Hi there!

A quick google search for "java developer ide" can bring you some options for eclipse.

even thou I particularly like eclipse and my second choice is notepad++ (it's great to have on a flash drive to help you with that on the move need.), I've used my share of netbeans and intelliJ and they're not that bad...  just different and with less plugins/extensions/possibilities.

Good luck choosing your IDE.

Best regards,
0 Rushabh Wadkar · June 26, 2015
Hehe yeah @Kayler Renslow.. Eclipse ruined all java programmers lives.. I am actually not able to switch from eclipse to notepad but couldn't hold it much long, Atlast came back to eclipse.
But Notepad++ has done significant changes in terms of colors and all.. But Eclipse is Eclipse :D :P
+1 Rushabh Wadkar · June 26, 2015
No not necessarily need it. you can use Notepad and then compile it using cmd. I guess bucky showed that in JAVA-Beginners tutorial-3 or 4.
But using eclipse simplifies your way to write and run programs.
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