Features you want in new version TNB

+6 Rehman . · June 26, 2015
Hey guys you can add the features you would like to see in new version of TNB and wheatly could add up necessarily & interactive features 

  1. Polling 

  2. ".Gif" pictures

  3. Streams " New to Oldest " vice verse

  4. Change profile colors (i love it) :p

  5. New Forums we create should gets all people in it or atleast should be visible to all

  6. Edit Picture captions

  7. Message Inbox gets too many "Re:" should get all message in one conversation

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0 Rehman . · July 4, 2015
Yea how about an "Progress bar" for tutorials they have taken from this site?
0 c student · July 4, 2015
how about a fully functioning code box for a start?
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