Features you want in new version TNB

+6 Rehman . · June 26, 2015
Hey guys you can add the features you would like to see in new version of TNB and wheatly could add up necessarily & interactive features 

  1. Polling 

  2. ".Gif" pictures

  3. Streams " New to Oldest " vice verse

  4. Change profile colors (i love it) :p

  5. New Forums we create should gets all people in it or atleast should be visible to all

  6. Edit Picture captions

  7. Message Inbox gets too many "Re:" should get all message in one conversation

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+3 Bucky Roberts · June 26, 2015
We will call it theNEWnewboston  :D
+2 Rehman . · July 3, 2015
@Cardinal its not a porn website its social network for programmers.
+2 Rohit Buddabathina ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ · July 4, 2015
Notifications about newly added videos in the website
+1 Marlena Dickenson · July 3, 2015
great forum, great topics :)
+1 Tatrasiel R · July 3, 2015
I would like the gif option.  Or a better way to link to this site instead of uploading images to this.
I would like to have a responsive chat.
I like #7 about continuous messages
An option to store a link or  PGP keys.
an option to edit posts would be nice .


I would like to have updates when people make new topics in the forums that I am following. - This way I can answer questions adn not search for them and see I am a month late.
0 Steven the awesome · July 3, 2015
I love Gif pictures.:)
0 Cardinal Coog · July 3, 2015
How about hot chics with big boobs, short skirts and high heels? Oh, and they can dance for free!:P
0 Abdullah Nauman · July 3, 2015
I think that the Website needs to be completely remapped. There needs to be a new sites separate from this one, dedicated to the tutorials and forum. That site will then have a lot more room to grow with extra features such as quizzes, and assignments available. It would really help TNB grow more as an educational network. And most of all, it will stop people from posting questions on the stream, since they will be separate. I would really like to see this go in to affect. Here is a little UI design idea.
0 Rehman . · July 3, 2015
@Abdullah how about a welcome screen having the option to select

  • Social Network

  • Forms

  • Quizzes & Assignment

0 Abdullah Nauman · July 4, 2015
Yes, I user stand what you mean Wheatley. Though, in the videos section. I think we should have little 1 question quizzes. Help people track their progress. Grow as an educational network.
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