You guys should be embarrassed that you are teaching beginning PHP programmers to use the mysql extension to work with a database.  I don't know how old these videos are, but in this section:

Videos 113 through 155 need to be removed and replaced with something modern, either mysqli or PDO with prepared statements.  The days are long gone when it is necessary to support PHP 4, mysqli and PDO were both introduced in PHP 5 which was released in 2004, that's 11 years ago.  Extended support for PHP 4 ended 7 years ago, there is absolutely no reason that anyone should be teaching how to use the mysql extension in PHP.  At best it should be a footnote of something you might see in other people's code.  I tell anyone who posts questions on the other forums that I frequent that if they come across a tutorial using mysql_connect or mysql_query to consider it out of date and skip it in favor of something that teaches how to use prepared statements.

It's good that you have tutorials specifically on PDO and mysqli, but beginners are probably just going to click on the general PHP section, and there is no reason for those beginners to learn how to do something the wrong way.  Teach them the right way from day 1, don't teach them something that they immediately need to forget and re-learn.  SQL injection attacks are the single largest attack vector for PHP-based websites, and it is ancient tutorials like these which beginners find and follow which leads to the bad practices caused by using the mysql extension.  If someone follows those tutorials and then goes to look up those functions in the manual they're going to see a giant red bar notifying them that those functions are going to be removed in a future version.  There is literally not a single reason to teach the mysql extension.  If someone suggests that PHP 4 support is a reason to teach it, my response is that the only thing that requiring support for PHP 4 indicates is that you need a new host.  

Furthermore, support for an old version of PHP should not be the default for PHP tutorials in 2015.  People need to learn about PDO, they need to learn about prepared statements, and they need to learn about using the built-in password functions instead of MD5.  These are not advanced concepts, if someone wants to learn how to be a PHP programmer those are things they need to learn.  It looks like the author Alex uploaded some of his videos in 2011, but he should have known better even then, 2011 was far too late to be teaching new programmers things like MD5 and mysql_real_escape_string.  The reason why PHP programmers in general have a fairly negative view in the eyes of other programmers is because they are taught bad practices, and it is videos like these which are responsible.  I want to turn that perception around, PHP is a good, powerful language and there is no reason to teach beginners bad practices.  We should expect and demand better from the teaching community.

Please consider updating those videos and making easier the job of anyone answering questions from PHP beginners on the other online communities.