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0 Jagdeep Matharu · June 25, 2015
I believe Some one must have completed this task somewhere in forum befoer, but I also want to share my code on this. 
(Python Programming Tutorial - 13 - Return Values)

Task: TO print your age and age of girl that you can date. ; age limit is from 15 - 60 

def date_a_girl(my_age):

    girl_age = my_age/2 + 7

    return girl_age

for age in range (15, 61):

    girl_date_age = date_a_girl(age)

    print("Your Age ", age, " and Girl to date age ", girl_date_age)


Reply back on comments, for your views and in case you have code on this too.

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0 Jagdeep Matharu · June 26, 2015
If you are a newbie, ill suggest you start with Python tutorials by Bucky, they are pretty simple and quick to learn then other tutorials on youtube.

Now another part of learning is practicing, that i will suggest that you should do regularly. 

With right learing and practice you can cope up easily in Python or in any language. 

You can ask help here in this forum or anywhere you like. :) 
0 Chinedu Douglas · June 26, 2015
am a Newbie how do I cope
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