android sdk manager not working?

0 sameer khan · June 25, 2015
hi guys whenever i try to open sdk manager through android studio or even without android studio it just will not open. ive been trying multiple things like running as admin, screwing around with enviorment variables, reinstalling sdk manager but nothing seems to work? 

what solutions do you guys have?

running 64 bit windows 7 btw


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0 Ankit Ojha · June 26, 2015
yes i think all the pakages are deleted while uninstalling the studio. 
0 SHIVAM GOYAL · June 25, 2015
if I reinstall Android Studio will all my pakages be deleted?
0 Ankit Ojha · June 25, 2015
Go to File->Project Structure and Check that your android SDK location is pointing to the right path. 

or try reinstalling Android Studio itself. See if that works!
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