Try to win against my tictactoe AI!

0 Kenneth Malicay · June 25, 2015
Could you guys try and win against my tictactoe Ai.
If you could win could you post here how?
If you can't win then respond that you at least tried.
I'm just trying to remove flaws of my AI. Thanks a lot! :)

Here's the apk!
It's clean and doesn't need any permission.

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0 Kenneth Malicay · June 25, 2015
0 Alan Johnson · June 25, 2015
If you've programmed it right it should be unbeatable, at best you would be able to draw.
0 Kenneth Malicay · June 25, 2015
As for now I couldn't beat it. But someone else might beat it and notice a bug.
Although it lacks a lot of features, I'm just a little hyped since it's my first android app and it works smooth on my android device. :)
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