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+4 Jonathan Mase · June 24, 2015
Hello everyone.  My name is Jonathan Mase and I reside in Suffer, NY which is about 30 minutes outside NYC.

I joined up today, because I am looking to sharpen my programming skills.  Before you ask what my programming skills are, let's just say they are not much to talk about out.

I figured I would start with branching out my PHP knowledge, as I have set a few Wordpress sites.

Well, just wanted to say hello, and I am off into the forum to find some good information.  Down the rabbit hole!

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0 Bucky Roberts · June 24, 2015
Welcome to thenewboston Jonathan! 
0 Jonas Meise · June 28, 2015
Welcome to our community :)
0 Jonathan Mase · July 8, 2015
Hey guys, thanks for the welcome.

The reason i joined was because i have recently started  I am definitely learning the basics.

Can anyone offer any feedback in reference to what I am learning there vs more advanced courses?  Is it at least a good starting point?

Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Mase
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