0 Kenneth Malicay · June 23, 2015
I'm kind of pretty lost now. I did a recent project using javaFx with mySql and now Idk what I should do to gain more programming experience and to further my java skills.
Just a few questions:

  • What is java mostly used for? Desktop applications? Mobile? Web? (most common to least common)

  • What project should I work on next? Web development or android app? (your opinion)

  • Should I learn node.js, jquery, php and stuff like that?

  • Also, how do I use java in web development?

I'm just kind of feeling dumb right now so if you could enlighten me that'd be great. Thanks. :)

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+1 Alper Akgoz · June 23, 2015
I think it's mostly used for mobile apps then desktop then web. Personally I don't like web development so I'd say go for mobile projects :D, but if you want to do Web Development then learning node.js, php, ajax etc. is important because they make your web app safer, dynamic, easier to code and things like that, and sorry I don't know how to answer your last question. I hope my answer is useful to you somewhat.
+1 Alan Johnson · June 23, 2015
1. Java's main use at the moment is in Android (mobile apps). It's also somewhat commonly used as the server side language for web apps.

2. What you should work on next depends on what you're interested in.

3. Learn those languages if you want to get into web development, they aren't needed for desktop apps or mobile.

4. Look into Java EE
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