My Javascript text is not showing up in browser - RESOLVED

+1 Andrew Metcalf · June 23, 2015
Hello I am new to programing and watching Bukys' video on Javascript, however when I use NotePad ++ to run it I can't see anything. Any thoughts?

Here's my code (I know it is really basic and probably just me messing up somewhere)

 <script type="text/javascript">
document.write ("Hello World");

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0 Sajib Devnath Akash · June 23, 2015
Its alright in my browser. Did you saved the file as 'file.html'?
0 Shafiq Sheikh · June 23, 2015
save and run it.
0 Andrew Metcalf · June 23, 2015
Yes it was, I just got it to start working
0 Sid wadhwa · July 15, 2015
I have saved it as html but it's not working
0 Aju Antony · July 16, 2015
k here is the thing, sometimes browsers doesn't reload website scripts again and again from the source but rather they fetch it from their cache. this is because browsers doesn't expect the scripts of a website to change within seconds or minutes from the point they have loaded it. this is a huge annoyance when you are working with javascript (i know, because i did my academic project using jQuery). even if you do change some minor thing in your script, it doesn't load in the browser and you keep scratching your head just confused on what you are doing wrong.

one way to avoid this is to open incognito mode while developing your projects, or you can go to options and disable load scripts from cache. or you can just follow bucky and close the session altogether once you see the output and restart the browser to see the changes made (i couldn't do this since my system if from the age of dinosaurs). and you can also try using shift+f5 to force reload apparently, but this didn't help me much at all. anyway if you are working on a huge project and you feel some things aren't working as it should, close everything take a coffee break and revisit the problem. :)

Happy coding, Ciao :D 
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