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0 Francis Talan · June 21, 2015
I've been searching for tutorials for Assembly but i actually different process or ways of doing assembly. I'm looking for a specific guides and complete tutorials about Assembly using TASM. Technically we're using codes like this:

.model small

prompt db 'Enter filename: $'
file db 40 dup(0)
hand dw 0
buff db 512 dup(0)
buffer db 20,?,20 dup(0)
msg db 'Error Encountered!!!$'

m proc
mov ax,@data
mov ds,ax
mov es,ax

again: call clear
mov ah,9
mov dx,offset prompt
int 21h

mov ah,0ah
mov dx,offset buffer
int 21h

mov si,offset buffer
mov di,offset file

inc si
mov cl,al
mov ch,0

x: movsb
loop x

call tayp

mov ah,4ch
int 21h

m endp

tayp proc
push ax
push dx
push cx

mov ah,3dh
mov al,0
mov dx,offset file
int 21h

jc errmsg

mov hand,ax

ulit: mov ah,3fh
mov bx,hand
mov cx,512
mov dx,offset buff
int 21h

jc errmsg

push ax

mov cx,ax
mov si,offset buff

y: lodsb
mov ah,2
mov dl,al
int 21h
loop y

mov ah,1
int 21h

pop ax

cmp ax,512
je ulit

mov ah,3eh
mov bx,hand
int 21h

jmp t1
errmsg: mov ah,9
mov dx,offset msg
int 21h

t1: popf
pop cx
pop dx
pop ax
tayp endp

clear proc
mov ah,6
mov al,0
mov bh,7
mov cx,0
mov dh,24
mov dl,79
int 10h
clear endp
end m

tayp endp

I actually don't know what it means or what it do but is there any complete tutorials for this?

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0 Tatrasiel R · June 22, 2015
I know x86 , x64 using NASM, but TASM I wanted to find tutorials at one point, but wasn't able to.

I hear TASM is neat but I have yet to see anything in it. I cannot imagine getting more optimized than assembly. You'd think that it (TASM)has more support but it really doesn't. The only kinds of assembly that I see anymore are NASM and MASM. 

I personally, continue to use NASM because you'll see that basically everywhere.

The things that I see in MASM are like use of direct draw and Direct x calls. I't pretty much is a .net for assembly, but it's only windows.

There is FASM and I probably would have learned this if there were more resources on this . 
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