WxPython or Tkinter?

0 Eshant Gupta · June 21, 2015
If they are for same objective, which is better otherwise what are the diffs?


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+2 alex constantin · June 22, 2015
None of those, PyQt. It is a wrapper in python for Qt, a much well known and easier GUI framework originally in C++. Also comes with a visual editor, but apparently, the installation can be quite complicated sometimes.
+1 Tatrasiel R · June 22, 2015
PyQT is nice and I think is more modern for what you're looging for. I have used GTK and that is simple as well. 

If you want to use python GTK here is a url on how to install and set it up..


Alex Constantine is right though. Python QT is rather nice and remarkably simple. I'ts more of preference. I find python GTK to be simpler and it compiles well to a single .exe
+1 alex constantin · June 22, 2015
Tatrasiel, thanks for reminding me about GTK, I have never worked with it and will be checking it out soon
0 Eshant Gupta · June 22, 2015
Thanks buddies...it was somewhere in my brain...now it will be on tongue tip :)
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