How to get Intellij to do Bootstrap?

+2 Conrad Thompson · June 21, 2015

I was trying to do the BootStrap tutorials out on youtube with Notepad++, and when you open the file in a web browser, you can't see the responsive actions happen, like the data-toggle.

I saw that Bucky was using Intellij Idea, so I went and got it, but it does not have native Bootstrap support.

Does anyone know how to get IntellijIdea with Bootstrap support, so I can make sure I am doing the code right?

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+1 Abdullah Nauman · June 22, 2015
What do you mean by Bootstrap support? Just download bootstrap, and add this to your head. It should work with any text editor. 

<link rel = "stylesheet" href = "bootstrap.css" /> 
+1 Conrad Thompson · June 23, 2015
I have all of that, but when I run the html file through a browser window, the Toggle does not work. I have checked the code time and again, but still, nothing looks wrong, and I read on Bootstraps website that running the file locally won't be able to get the respond.js to work, it has to be run over the net.
+1 alex constantin · June 23, 2015
Then have the js tag point its source to the bootstrap js file you are looking for, but its URL
+1 Conrad Thompson · June 23, 2015
Just to clarify, in the videos Bucky has out on Youtube for BootStrap, he is using IntelliJ with a BootStrap add-on of some sort, that lets him Run the html file as if it were live.
+1 Vinay Singh · February 9, 2016
Use plugin for bootstrap
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