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+1 George Kyris · June 20, 2015
You said that you dont use fixed positioning but in the current version of this site the top bar function as if it was set in a fixed positioning. Is fixed positioning worth to be set for main tools or is it better to leave them at a certain place and let the user scroll up-down to find them?(i want to know what you prefer personaly prefer and im sorry if my english are kinda bad im from greece

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0 Alan Johnson · June 20, 2015
Personally I don't have a preference but having a fixed navigation bar enables users to move from page to page faster. 

This is obviously useful if your page has a lot of content or is a type of site that has a lot of pages to navigate to e.g a social network. The fixed navigation means the user don't have to scroll all the way back to the top manually (this is really annoying).

A tradeoff if you don't want a fixed navigation is a "back to top" button that appears after you scroll a way down the page that takes you back to the top on click.
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