What should I learn first out of Bucky's tutorial's

+1 Domnick Knowlton · July 7, 2014
Title says it all, but only of the site tutorial's.

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0 Dima Sama · July 24, 2014
Sorry about that, i admit that i'm new to the programming field :D Haha. I also ask the same thing before so i just answered it the way they answered mine.

Next time i'll check my facts :).
0 Dima Sama · July 23, 2014
Well if you want to be in a business or industry sector c/c++ is good to go. If you want a large audience especially in the area around smartphone and website then java is for you. If you want to create a website or website maintenance or web security you need a lot to learn like PHP, HTML, CSS so on and so forth (I don't know any website programming :D).

If your target is creating 2D/2.5D/3D games then C++, java and python is for you.

The truth is it depends on what you want and how you want to shape the language :). Like if you know japanese, you can be a translator or a teacher. Same language but different profession.
0 Cate Peterson · July 16, 2014
Good question! I'd like to know too. I looked at C programming briefly and then looked at Python. Old school, new school.... What's useful? Who's using what for work? Or for play? What's best for jobs / careers?    (Wish Linquist Llama would be more helpful in responses ... please?)
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