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+4 Wilford Ice Brimley · July 7, 2014
Hello everyone!

I'm betting that many of you are like me when you learned the basics of a programming language, you have no clue what to do next! If you can't make something cool with your coding skills then your talents are being put to waste. That's were this thread comes in. My goal is to get this community to share its knowledge with each other, so that (hopefully) if someone is not sure what to do next, they can come to this thread to get ideas. Please help this thread out and suggest ideas(make sure to add a difficulty level)(Apparently we can not agree on difficulty levels, therefore we will not use them). I will try my best to update this post when new information becomes available. 


  • Build a game

  • Build a chat program

  • Syntactic Fructose's particle simulator

  • Html Parser

  • Web Crawler

  • Port Scanner

  • Sudoku solver

  • Proxy server

  • Program that checks who connected to same wifi you are

  • Sniffer

  • Program that read and write emails

  • Operating system

  • Packets analyzer

  • Files searcher

  • Text Editor

  • Painting program

  • Web server

  • Web browser

  • Compiler

  • Remote Administration Tool

  • Social network

  • Firewall

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Thank you everyone for your input!

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+4 Buddy Blackford · July 9, 2014
1. pfft. 1.An expression of a lack of interest in another persons comment 2.Used to look down upon another.

+1 Arend Peter Castelein · July 20, 2014
I found very helpful when I was learning code. It's basically the same idea as projecteuler except not as nice, but I still found it very helpful.

One project that I'm planning on working on soon is making a financial tracker. An easy to use app where I can input all my purchases and incomes so I can keep tracker of were my money is going and how much I'm able to save. It's useful for me and it's something that can challenge me a little so I think it's a good project.
+3 William Frost · July 20, 2014
Html Parser
Web Crawler
Port Scanner
sudoko solver
proxy server
program that checks who connected to same wifi you are

program that read and write emails
operating system
packets analyser

files searcher
torrent client
Text Editor
painting program
web server
web browser
Remote Administration Tool
social network
+1 Jason Amador · July 25, 2014
Anyone ever heard of Google Code Jam?  Another great source for good problems to solve.
+1 Nicko Pulido · August 12, 2014
Thanks for this thread! This is very helpful for us (THE BEGINNERS) :)
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