Is it possible to convert Android app to iOS?

+1 Donald Trump · June 18, 2015
Is it possible that my android game can work exactly the same on iOS devices? yes, I am aware that android and iOS code is a totally different dimension, but still, i've seen loads of games and apps working exactly the same on both android and iOS, so my question is, how? how did they do that? how can I do the same?

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0 Greg Cordain · December 26, 2015
I had a reasonably good experience with Codename One. It requires that you adapt your code to use their API which is somewhat painful at first. But the upside was pretty cool as you end up with one application that runs everywhere and still uses Java...
0 Ian Arbuckle · December 27, 2015
I see this is an old thread but I'll post anyways. If you developed the game using the LibGdx framework, which has an API that targets iOS, Android, Linux, Blackberry and so on. If you which to save yourself a lot of hassle making games in the future then consider a framework like LibGdx for 2D games. 
0 Luke Hebblethwaite · June 18, 2015
As I'm sure you know Android apps are created using Java, iOS apps are created using Swift. I know that things like GameMaker will convert games you have created using GameMaker into Android or iOS games. As far as I know(don't quote me on this) the games you are talking about have been coded separately, one in Java and another in Swift.
0 xenofon karidis · June 18, 2015

maybe u need to look at this... :)
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