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0 Kenneth Malicay · June 17, 2015
So as you can see on the image above I am almost finished with my personal project just cleaning stuff up and I think my source files are clunky and I wanna ask if am I doing something wrong?
Like should I just use 1 class for DAOs? 1 class for Controllers? Controllers and fxmls on different package?
Also, what does bom mean? I just saw my prof used those 3 packages to separate classes a few years ago. Lol.
Thanks for anyone who could help. :)

Also thank you Bucky for javaFX and MySQL tutorials. :)
I also watched your bootstrap tutorials and I want to make stuff up but I have no idea what to make yet. Haha.

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0 Kenneth Malicay · June 18, 2015
Thanks for the response! I didn't get what you meant by using 1 DAO interface per DAO implementation. By interface did you mean gui? I'll check out Spring later when I get home.
Also another question, do you name fxml files like Classes or is what I did fine?
Thanks again!
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