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0 Kenneth Malicay · June 17, 2015
So as you can see on the image above I am almost finished with my personal project just cleaning stuff up and I think my source files are clunky and I wanna ask if am I doing something wrong?
Like should I just use 1 class for DAOs? 1 class for Controllers? Controllers and fxmls on different package?
Also, what does bom mean? I just saw my prof used those 3 packages to separate classes a few years ago. Lol.
Thanks for anyone who could help. :)

Also thank you Bucky for javaFX and MySQL tutorials. :)
I also watched your bootstrap tutorials and I want to make stuff up but I have no idea what to make yet. Haha.

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+1 Branislav Lazic · June 18, 2015
Put controllers in one package, DAO's in other one and definitely FXML files in some third package. Use one DAO interface per DAO implementation. If you are familiar with Spring, consider using it since it works great with JavaFX. How? Ask me for guidance.
0 Kenneth Malicay · June 18, 2015
Thanks for the response! I didn't get what you meant by using 1 DAO interface per DAO implementation. By interface did you mean gui? I'll check out Spring later when I get home.
Also another question, do you name fxml files like Classes or is what I did fine?
Thanks again!
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