Add pdf files to windows form application

+2 Umar Ahmad · June 18, 2015
Hello, can someone please explain to me how I will add pdf files to a c# windows forms application for end-users to read or lunch on the form... Anyhow, just help an tell me how to add them, so that the same pdf files can be read or lunched even if the program is installed in another computer. Thank you.

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0 Umar Ahmad · June 20, 2015
Thank you very much.
0 Cardinal Coog · June 18, 2015
Check out this video that shows how to add PDF files to a Windows form in Visual Studio.

Good luck!
0 Joe Perry · October 22, 2016
Although this is an old post, i'd like to share an easy way to open PDF files in windows forms application to help someone who are searching for a solution.

Using this free PDF viewer control, programmers are able to open and view PDF document from windows form as well as adjust the view preferences.
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