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0 Saud Rehman · June 17, 2015
Whenever i answers someone question or post something on forum. I receive this message.

"Your reply has been saved successfully! Your post is under review (new users must have their first 5 posts approved by a moderator)! "

My posts are under review for a long time and sometimes don't get even posted on forums. Kindly fix this if it is an error or bug. Thanks.

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0 Pere Garau Burguera · June 17, 2015
It's not a bug.

Yeah we sometimes take some time to moderate the posts.
If the  post is not approved it may be because its content is not adequate for the forum (questions like heeeeelp pleeeaseee!)
Either that or it's a mistake by us the moderators that someone clicked delete by accident.

But anyway, when you reach 5 posts your posts don't have to be moderated anymore, they will just appear directly. 

Sorry if your posts didn't appear. 
0 Mr. Computer · June 20, 2015
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