Problem with the emulator: Black Screen for 24 hours

0 Andreas Meyer · June 17, 2015
Hey guys,

 i am trying to make an app for android, hence i downloaded android studios. After applying ca. 20 Workarounds the last four days i finally managed to start the AVD manager and make my own device to get finally started.

But thats the end so far. I dont think that android studio is that shitty, i think i am simply that stupid, that i am still not able to produce a single line of Code after est 60 hours spend for installation and configuration purposes, so i made this post. Now

Long story short: THE ACTUAL QUESTION IS:

why wont this emulated device not run? i started it yesterday around this time and still only black screen. Nothing to unlock no setup no nothing. What do i have to summon or kill that i will be able to eventually run apps?

Plz help.

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0 Hanthony Cyrey Tagam · June 17, 2015
i think your problem is that your application emulator doesnt start because of your RAM storage, maybe you could create lighter Android virtual Device lots of lighter resolution you can choose and also download x86 ABI in your API in AVD for faster emulator
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