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0 Aakash Ahmed · June 17, 2015
Isn't there a way to develop iPhone apps on windows?
The Poor people who want to develop and can't buy, what can they do?

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+1 Areeb Raza · June 17, 2015
you can install mac on virtualbox and program on virtualbox
+1 Aakash Ahmed · June 18, 2015
but i has more complexities installing mac on virtual box. and it also requires a high quality pc. It's not bearable
+1 N├ózar R · June 25, 2015
Hi Aakash, 
It is possible going the Hackintosh route, though keep in mind that X-Code receives many updates and updating in Hackintosh isn't as simple as going to the App Store and updating. 
The pros of going Hackintosh is that you won't be spending as much money. 

Here's a pretty good video I found online if you are interested:

My Honest Opinion: The best way to go about it is buying a second-hand Mac that fits the requirements for X-Code. That way you aren't paying thousands of dollars for the machine. You will also have Apple support and not have to worry so much about how to update software etc. Hackintosh is a lot of hard work but extremely rewarding for those who are unable to access Macs.

Otherwise to answer your question: developing iOS apps on Windows isn't possible.
0 jakkam deepkumar · June 25, 2015
but here we have a cool answer for your question we can do any application that may be ios ,android,windows or any device apps can do by using phonegap software..go n check it in google u come to know that
0 Aakash Ahmed · June 27, 2015
Thank you all guys, i am already a web designer and want to learn developing apps of Mac OS. You know in today's life bucks are really worth. I know about phone gap. But i want to develop apps of Mac OS
0 jesuasir j · September 22, 2016
how to get input in textfield.text
and how to check a value is string or number
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