Java programming...Real help needed!

+1 Adil Shaikh · June 15, 2015
Hi everyone, I am sort of new in programming and thus i would like to seek some senior's advice...
First of all, I completed the beginner and intermediate java tutorials and i wanted to go for gaming but i found only 36 basic tutorials on this site...Thus, i am completely lost and confused about what to do next...
Should i learn HTML/CSS/PHP or go for Python? 
P.S... I want to learn how to make games (although basic ones now) and also i really get freaked out when i see such long codes on the web :'((poor me)...Thank you for any sort of advice

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0 Adil Shaikh · June 21, 2015
Can you help me in building a tic-tac-toe game???
0 K D · June 16, 2015
You can create games in almost all programming languages.
I think its best if you stick with Java for now.  Make a couple of console games and then improve from there.  Java has a HUGE amount of built in libraries.
Minecraft and Runescape are both examples of games written in Java.  Personally i don't like Pythons Graphics but a lot of people would disagree with me there be that as it may python has an amazing ability to compute HUGE Numbers where as Java, C, C++, and a lot more are limited to what they can do.  An example would 2 ^ 100,000 Python can do this but those other I listed can't.

A couple of questions to ask your self:
    1. What kind of games do you want to make? such as Graphical or Console...
    2. What OS do you want to make the games for?  Windows, Linux, Unix(Mac OS X is unix based), ect...
    3. Do you want it to be Web Based instead of running on a specific platform

For Web Based games I would suggest Html, Css, Javascript and possibly Java.

I don't have Windows but I have heard a lot of good things about C#.  But keep in mind that if you do use C# I don't think you can move it to other platforms but I might be wrong.  If I am wrong can someone please correct me :).

Also HTML and CSS are not considered Programming languages.  Html is a Mark up language and CSS is i think a Style sheet.

By the way the more you look at and read Code the less freaked out you will get.

A "basic" game you could make is a Guessing Game with a range of 1 to 100 that allows the user to play as many times as he or she wants. If you make that you could try adding some "cheats". Like if the user enters a certain name they always win on the first try no matter what the number is...

Keep in mind that all programming languages have strengths and weaknesses.  For instance Java and Python can't manipulate Memory the way C or C++ can.  And C doesn't have Objects so if you like OOP C is not for you. Java also is a very long winded language unlike Python.  Final one i will mention is the one i talked about at the top.  Python is Very good at computations where as C, C++, and Java are not.
I really hope this helps and remember to have fun :).
0 Adil Shaikh · June 16, 2015
Thank you so much for your replies K D and Kayler Renslow...I will stick with java for now and also try to learn HTML and CSS...Following the URL you sent sir....Thankx
0 Jonas Meise · June 17, 2015
Also quite simple and fun for a first game program would be something like tic tac toe ;)
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