emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!

+2 Pratik Sule · June 14, 2015
i m getting error when i tried to run intelhaxm-android.exe file to solve above problem....
Error - "Intel Virtualization Technology is not turned on " 

and later i checked Virtualization is enabled or not in my laptop bios setting but it was already enabled... can any one help me how solve this problem... (I have Dell Inspiron Laptop)...  

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0 Hanthony Cyrey Tagam · June 14, 2015
i have the same problem of these a month a go. my BIOS VT was already enabled but wasn't worked out... but i figured out that my anti-virus application is running a great memory graphics and virtualization so i un-installed my anti-virus  also my firewall and re-install it after installing of Haxm and already worked fine. maybe this help..
+1 Pratik Sule · June 17, 2015
Thanks Hanthony.... Now its working :)
0 Abhishek Kumar · June 21, 2015
I am getting the same error. Please help me./images/forum/upload/2015-06-21/f06494a639d669a781e78949607834bf.png
0 Hanthony Cyrey Tagam · June 22, 2015
you need to install your Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager first, it will be located on your default directory where you install your Android > sdk > extras > intel > Haxm > intelhaxm-android.exe
0 Hanthony Cyrey Tagam · June 22, 2015
also do not forget to download package of it 
0 Spencer Bergamo · June 26, 2015
I got the same problem even when I installed the Intel Emulator. Is there any other solution?
+1 Ivan Nobre Vereiski · June 27, 2015
Hi there!

Well, I heard that window's feature "Hyper-V" take full control of VT so if it's installed on your windows it could be the cause.

You can try disabling it first:

Open "Control Panel -> "Programs" -> "Turn Windows features on or off" (under "Programs and Features") and locate "Hyper-V", uncheck, reboot. (script from Mohamed Helmi B. at https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/328242)

but I read in an article that I couldn't find now that it's not enough to disable it, you must uninstall it.

Hope it helps

Best regards,
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