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0 Number Double07 · June 14, 2015
I have an old HP pavilion desktop I abandoned years ago, but I want to get it to work.  Every time I start if up, the screen is shaky and it reads disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter.  

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0 Oussama Fahchouch · June 14, 2015
I would bring it to a specialist, i can't look inside your computer from in my room out here in Europe. 

Open your computer and check it, look if everything is plugged in.
0 Oussama Fahchouch · June 14, 2015
That's the first thing one should do, thats what they teached me at school.

You can look your whole life for the problem, but u won't find it when a cable is simply not plugged So first check the power, does the hardware turn on? Check that first.

As i said, you should bring it to a local computer shop, you could probably destroy it instead of making it yourself.
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