how to read and write SQLite database in java

0 muler suler · June 13, 2015
hello everyone...........
I want to create a java application which will use SQLite database and after making jar file my application will read and write Sqlite database file. So how to achieve this....
please give me overview how to access sqlite database file and modify it. after making jar file....

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0 muler suler · June 23, 2015
0 Rehman . · June 23, 2015
Thanks for sharing !
+1 muler suler · June 23, 2015
It is very simple just place the Sqlite Database file inside your project folder and then in your program in order to connect to the database file create the connection like
connection = DriverManager.getConnection("Jdbc:sqlite:name of your sqlite database file");
Now in order to connect to the database file after creating Jar file of your program just simply place your sqlite database file near to the created Jar file... After that you will be able to communicate to your database file(can access and modify data) from your application(Jar file)... Thanxxxx...... :)
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