How to improve yourself?

0 Jan Parizek · June 13, 2015
Hey guys,

I've been studying an IT school with aim for programming, we're mostly doing C# and I'm enjoying it. But, I would like to improve myself when I'm at home because I would like to do this when I finish studies and I don't feel like school is giving me enough knowledge. Do you have any recommendation what to do, when you're at home, and you want to program? Do you just think of a program and you decide to do it?

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0 Alper Akgoz · June 15, 2015
I'd recommend program anything you feel like programming in different ways. More programs you write and more changes you make to your code, more bugs you'll get and I find debugging code to be more educational than just putting together code, but that's just my opinion :)
0 Gary Murphy · June 16, 2015
I'd say the best way to go is decide what you want to program first.  
If you want to write apps for android, then keep going with C#.  
If you have an iPhone learn Swift, you'll actually make more money making apps for iOS.  
If you want to make functional programs learn C++, which would also be useful for making games.  
But if games are your thing, I'd go with learning a game engine like UE4 or Unity.
For web based stuff, look into PHP, HTML5, javascript.
There's literally hundreds of programming languages out there, so figuring what you want to do is probably first thing you should be doing in my opinion.
If you want a particular job, look at the job requirements and what languages the employers expect you to be fluent in.
From there, build a portfolio of programs to show what you are capable of.
0 Ben c · June 17, 2015
Build stuff that will be useful in the future. At my school, some students like to use other people's code to do their HW; it's not like they're copying, because the code only helps with the assignment and is by no means part of the assignment. Basically, for them, the code is already there, 'why not use it?' .

I never liked using anyone else's code, because it could just as easily be wrong. If I do it on my own I can have the confidence that it was done right, and I can easily know where the problem is if it's spitting out a questionable result.

Think of something that will be useful; maybe program your own poly solver, matrix solver. Stuff like that.
0 Jan Parizek · June 14, 2015
Haha, thats awesome :D I guess I will have to try to be even lazier than I already am. Thank you for the reply :)
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