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0 Reynaldo Gunawan · June 13, 2015
For my next project, i am asked to create Tic Tac Toe in C. The only clue that i got is that i need 3-dimensional array, as the users will put in the number of column and row to indicate which box they want to play. 

The question also says that i need to prove whether the box is already full or whether one of the player has his/her symbol three times in a line, well everyone knows Tic Tac Toe.

I know that i need a tremendous amount of functions to make this program, but i don't even know where to start and which and how many variables i would need. I've created the structure of the game without the number like the photos below, but that's only like 1/1000 done of what i need to do. I am so screwed...

If someone has any ideas, please let me know. I'm not expecting a whole complete program, as i would not learn as much from it anyway. I appreciate your replies.

Example of the format:


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0 Jonas Meise · June 13, 2015
the places where you see numbers are just buttons I didn't click yet.
0 Reynaldo Gunawan · June 24, 2015
@AlanJohnson, sorry i just got the time to check what you fixed. IT IS EXACTLY HOW I WANT IT! Wow thanks a lot. May i ask what kind of problems that i had? And why would the type of array that i had wouldn't work?
0 Alan Johnson · June 24, 2015
You just had a few errors in your programming logic, for example the move() would never work and the way you were returning the input wasn't right.
0 Reynaldo Gunawan · June 25, 2015
@AlanJohnson hmm okay. I still have a reeaaally looooong way to go then. Thanks again for your help on this one. It really saved me this semester
0 Chinedu Douglas · June 26, 2015
wanna start from scratch ,Any help for Me



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