+3 Joe Night · July 5, 2014
Pretty self-explanatory. What kinda hobbies you guys into? Anything unusual?

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+1 Ak Suhail · July 7, 2014
Playing Tennis, smoking up and popping acid.
0 Joe Night · July 7, 2014
Mathias - Coffee, beer and scotch? Truly a man after my own heart haha. What kind of guitar do you play?

Sam - Definitely good to have that time to kick back every once in a while. Do you play drums in a band or solo?

Cave - Hm, maybe you should look into moon rocks? I bet they have all kinds of power, and with no ill side effects!
0 Joe Night · July 7, 2014
Cave - Aw man, maybe you got some bad moon rocks.

Sam - Oh cool, sounds like it's a pretty big part of your life. It's good that you get to help out some younger guys too, teaching can be a really great experience!

Hajar - Gambling is fun, what do you usually play?

0 Buddy Blackford · July 7, 2014

  • football

  • drinking with friends

  • anime

  • video games

  • camping

  • BBQ'ing

  • traveling

  • finding the best places to eat food

  • looking random stuff up on the internet

0 Daniel Collier · July 7, 2014
  • 1

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