Where to begin if i want to make an android game?

0 Christian Guerrero · June 12, 2015
Hello I'm a complete newbie, i don't know anything about language, my very first goal in programming is to make a android app game,i have already watch python but i want to start with Java.

So where do i start?

thanks :)

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+1 Oussama Fahchouch · June 12, 2015
Teamtreehouse and lynda.com are big companies that give java video tutorials. They are one of the biggest out there. They cost 25 bucks each month. U can have some free 1 or 2 weeks trial btw.

If u can't, read some books about java.

But first start with knowing what you need to become an android developer, you need more then only java. If java is to hard to learn, don't give up, take a break and ask alot of questions, because there is so much to learn.

If java is to hard learn the scripting/programming languages first:

1 html
2 css
3 javascript
4 php
5 sql

If you learn this, java will make alot more sense. Don't give up. When i wanted to become a programmer i started with java, but i couldn't even finish the second chapter of the book.. So i did get frustrated, but i did some research and started learning html/css/javascript and php.

Now Java will be much easier because i started with much easier languages before learning a much harder and bigger language.

You can learn programming at codecademy.com if you want to learn html/css/javascript basics. Just do those courses in this weekend. U wont regret, then u will be ready for Java i think.

And just watch alot of yt videos about what programming actually is.

The best way to start is that i can advice you with is, get a free trial with teamtreehouse videos and look around there or learn some basic skills at codecademy.com

Don't understimate java if you are a complete newbie and have no knowledge about programming languages. Because i did.

If you have any questions please pm me. I am first year student at college following the course called application development in the Netherlands.

We did learn the first 8 months how to code in html/css/javascript/php. We will do java next year.. So..
0 Oussama Fahchouch · June 12, 2015
at first i was dizzy hearing all those programming languages... it takes time to learn, dont give up, good luck!
+1 Christian Guerrero · June 13, 2015
Oussama ,i am beginning with the pages you suggest, in the same order you do.

thank's for your time, I really appreciate your help.

0 Oussama Fahchouch · June 14, 2015
Your welcome.

That's how i learned coding without any knowledge of it. Just by starting simple. HTML, CSS and Javascript are kinda easy to grasp if you give it a few weeks time.

I will help you a little:

HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT are scriptlanguages, They are used for making websites.., BUT when you learn making a website first it teaches you how to make Content, Interface and teaches you a little simple object oriented programming. This skills will help you learn JAVA. 

HTML -> Gives Content to the website
CSS   -> Gives you the abbility to design this content and the webpage.
JAVASCRIPT -> Gives you the abbility to manipulate the HTML and CSS contents and designs.

It's like writing an article with html, and giving it a design ( background color white, the width of the window where the article is written in a width of 500px and the height a height of 750px ).
With javascript you can manipulate the content by changing the article when there is a number that needs to be calculated, or the design to be shown correctly on phone format, computer format etc.

Good luck, programming is more fun then you think! So please don't think when you are learning another language that you are wasting your time or something like that.., no it will give you a really good understanding of how and what JAVA is build for.

Anyways, if you add me we can learn JAVA together, i want to start in a few months, i also want to build apps in JAVA. I hope i can learn alot from you also.

Greetings from the Netherlands.

Add me on fb


0 Christian Guerrero · June 15, 2015
I add you on Facebook, give me some time to end HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

It will be nice to learn Java together.

Greetings from México.
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