Non-Americans of thenewboston, what is your countries general feeling towards Americans?

+11 Bucky Roberts · June 12, 2015
Just wondering how different countries view Americans and the US in general. 

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+3 Baur Kozhaev · June 12, 2015
Hu Bucky 

I'm from Kazakhstan nowadays some people here do not like the US and the US people saying that Americans are arrogant and rude and so on and the US policy is to impose its rules around the world in order to manipulate contries to the US advantage. I recone it's because of today's Russian policy against the US.

However, what about me, I've been to the US in 2008 my younger bro was visiting the US in March this year he had a trip along the East Coast. Me and my brother liked the US and it's people. Moreover I've been living in Australia for a year and surely can claim the people are the same everywhere it's normal to run into bad and good guys everywhere even in Northern Korea )). 

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+3 Ian Arbuckle · June 12, 2015
The Irish view Americans as terrible drinkers :P
+3 Scott Walker · June 12, 2015
English point of view

1. Americans are gullible (Fox news stated Birmingham was an all Muslim city, people actually believed it!!!!)

2. Suffer from superiority complex e.g. "America is better than your country because ... " but then lack reasoning to back it up or disregard the other persons reasons.

3. Play rather dull sports (American Football, Baseball) which are far too slow and your constant effort in calling football "soccer". A personal pet hate is having a Baseball World Series for a competition which is only played in the States.

4. Your gun laws are stupid and need revised, as well as your attitude towards them. The NRA's response to a school massacre was "Let's give the teachers guns", it's just daft

5. Spelling, Use the letter 'U' for God sakes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-)

Probably the general English view although I will say that the Americans I have met are generally decent people. The idiots on the internet don't help your cause :-)

Would be interested to hear some American views on us English??
0 Reynaldo Gunawan · June 13, 2015
The Americans have helped Indonesia countless of times in terms of goods and other political means. We basically look up to the Americans and respect them. But I think some can't differentiate between Americans and Europeans, "they're all Westerners", they say.
0 Homer Simpson · June 13, 2015
The rest of the world views us as pieces of shit. Can you blame them? The way the media portrays us is despicable. Those that can afford to travel are the same people the media likes to glorify. Smh. Sorry for the offensive language.

-an american 
+2 Jonas Meise · June 13, 2015
Well I am from Switzerland and I think America has it's pros and cons. I always hear from really dumb people that live in America but I know that there is many more nice and intelligent people in America than most of the world thinks. It is always the same. We hear in the media from dumb people but in media no one mentiones the good people. I think this is an unfair  prejudgement that many people sadly have.

But what I really dislike is the political system of America. All those wars about money and might between Russia and America are so unneccessary. It seems to me like an enormous waste of ressources and it looks to me like all this is only about "who has the bigger **** ".  (Sry for that but it seems like a good way to describe what I mean^^)

I don't want to offense or blame any people in America because I think most of the American people are nice and think the same way.  And since I never actually was in America I am not the right one to judge their behaviour in any way. Also I think the thing I said about the political system is not just specific to America but to pretty much all governments in any country of the world. The ones who have the power are always using it to get more and this is sad but true. In place of "america" you could put any country you want and the description would still fit.

Only things that really disturbs me is the weapon laws in america. When I hear of people going to school with weapons and shooting random other people, or little 5 year old kids who take the weapon that is lying around in the room and then shoot their parents by accident I always think: Why are so many Americans still 'pro weapon for everyone'. It makes no sense to me and is very contradicting that Americans can buy weapons *for safety reasons* everywhere, while so many deaths are only caused through exatly the reason that everyone has a weapon.

But as I said. I don't think I am in the right to judge Americans in general since I always only hear of the dumb ones and I do not think that every American is acting that way.

Greetings from a swiss guy^^

0 Cardinal Coog · June 13, 2015
I don't even know where to begin. But,  I will not begin by criticizing European countries. Instead, I pose a question. Where do you think you would be without America? Do you remember World War I? World War II? The Cold War?

What would this world look like today without the United States involvement?

Sure, Americans are brazen, proud, and strong. The U.S. is the Superpower. We are the "big kid on the block" doing our best to keep the rest of the world free from tyrannical dictators.

How much money does your country receive in help from the United States? Look it up!!!

The U.S. does not ask for your help. Yet, anytime another country might falter or come near complete collapse who bails them out? Looking at you!!!

Not France, Not Sweden, Not Japan, Not China, Definitely not Russia.

So who is it that actually keeps you free?

What country sends more relief aid?

Each and everyone of you should thank God for America.
0 Erik Greyvenstein · June 13, 2015
Most South Africans are envious of what Americans have so they'll just rather say Americans are arrogant. Hilarious 
0 Varun Walia · June 13, 2015
I am from India and see america a land of opportunities for deserved ones in the field of technology and advancement
and actually there is room for any type of people..... IT IS HEAVEN FOR SOME PEOPLE TOO  like punjabis..
0 Cardinal Coog · June 13, 2015
A "superiority complex"?? Perhaps, but when you send more money, military, and relief-aid than the rest of the other countries combined you are entitled to a bit of pride.  If you don't like us, if you choose to criticize the United States, then stop relying on us to solve *your* problems. 

You don't want our help??? Fine. 

We'll be there, like always, to help your sorry selves when things get too tough to handle.

I think of other countries as little kids who want to grow up but anytime there is a problem they want Mom and Dad to come fix up/clean up their mess.

Like I stated previously, where would your country be without the help of the United States?

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