Non-Americans of thenewboston, what is your countries general feeling towards Americans?

+11 Bucky Roberts · June 12, 2015
Just wondering how different countries view Americans and the US in general. 

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0 Cardinal Coog · July 4, 2015
I'm sorry to hear that your countrymen hate the U.S. with such disdain. I truly think that with a little more education; they would come to understand what America actually means / represents.

Earlier this morning, I read a letter from an Australian living in America. He was very articulate, very eloquent. He described how an American doctor saved his life as a child when no other doctors could diagnose his condition, much less, save his life.

He also mentioned something that struck a chord with me. I will have to paraphrase: Equal opportunity does not equate equal outcome. Everyone is given a chance. If you're willing to work hard; you can prosper.

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