Non-Americans of thenewboston, what is your countries general feeling towards Americans?

+11 Bucky Roberts · June 12, 2015
Just wondering how different countries view Americans and the US in general. 

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0 Scott Walker · June 15, 2015
The point is: What exactly has your country contributed?? 

Cardinal Coog, we Brits have contributed:

Jet Engine
Light bulb (Yup that's right it was a Brit, not Edison!!!) Joseph Swan if you're interested
The Steam Engine
The World Wide Web
The Telephone
The Televisions
The Military Tank
Some of the greatest cars that ever existed (no Britain did not invent the car, but neither did America)

Case and Point !!!!!!!!!
0 Scott Walker · June 15, 2015
And please never mention WW1 and WW2, the Americans act like some heroes that saved us. The reality is that they were hardly involved until 1917 when the Germans sank the Louisitania and 1942 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. Unlike the Brits who were involved from the start because we seen the threat of the Germans and went to out fellow nations aid.
0 Scott Walker · June 15, 2015
"I'm an American. I don''t go hide in the corner and ask Mommy and Daddy and Mr. Putin to bail me out.

The reason you don't like America is because we have balls, we have money and your socialist government is a failure.

Guess you're waving the "white flag" of surrender?

I should expect no less."

Point 2 of my original post was Americans suffer from superiority complex, you're proving my point on stereotypes.

If I don't respond immediately, I am not surrendering, I just don't regularly check this site or my e-mail.

To state, I don't believe that England is better than America, nor do I believe America is greater than England, we each have our pros and cons. What I will say is that Americans have a great amount of pride over their country, that is something I wish more of the English had.
0 Scott Walker · June 15, 2015
@Jonas Meise

Well stated and couldn't agree more :-)
0 Al Evans · July 26, 2015
Good for you, Varun and Erik.  (june 13, 2015).  You both hit on a truth about America:  Many inhabitants of other nations are envious of America and the freedoms we enjoy--including the right to bear arms.  And, this is still the land of opportunity for anyone here, or who wants to come here, and is willing to work honestly for what they want.  It is not guaranteed that they will be successful (no matter how success is defined), but it is guaranteed that they will have the opportunity to try.  
And, no one will interfere with their attempt because of their nationality, religion, sex, politics, or whatever.  Try that in the nations where those critics of the United States come from.  There are not many countries on this earth where the effort to personally succeed is even possible.  Unless your a G.E., or Apple or Microsoft don't even try.  You'll be buried in bureaucracy, rules and laws--all designed to prevent you from becoming a competitor to the entrenched businesses. 
0 Al Evans · July 26, 2015
We Americans can read.  Reading how some of you puff and rant about America makes me feel sad-for you.  This is where you are-- uninformed and angry.  It's sad. 
0 Al Evans · July 26, 2015
What is it with you Europeans and "fat?"  Are you saying that there are no fat people in your countries?  The last time I was there, admittedly 20 years ago, I saw plenty of fat people in Germany, Switzerland , Italy and Austria.  Have things changed that much over the years.  I don't believe it.  We're all human, with the same issues, and, therefore, with the same conditions--to include, "fat!"
0 Colonel Panic · September 7, 2015
I found this thread to be extremely entertaining!!!
0 deepanshu sharma · September 8, 2015
hi bucky 
i am from india and i think america is a gr8 country. i would love to come there sometime.
and thanks a lot for building a site like this
0 Erik Greyvenstein · June 13, 2015
Most South Africans are envious of what Americans have so they'll just rather say Americans are arrogant. Hilarious 

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