Non-Americans of thenewboston, what is your countries general feeling towards Americans?

+11 Bucky Roberts · June 12, 2015
Just wondering how different countries view Americans and the US in general. 

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+1 Mr. Computer · June 20, 2015

well we have different Kinds of people here so we have different kinds of views about USA,
but in my view American People are good people maybe Their Government Has some Problems but hey which government doesn't have problems...
+1 Bernhard Riemann Georg Friedrich · July 6, 2015
Here is what people in my circles (Germany) think of Americans...

1. Americans are mostly very fat and eat fast food
2. Americans have terrible education
3. Americans want the world's wealth to themselves
4. If war breaks out we will have to join their side

To be honest, there are some really great counter-examples to the first three ;). But generally this is what I have been taught to think about Americans and this is the attitude towards America of the people I know...
+1 Jonas Meise · June 15, 2015
I think there is no point in comparing "what has your country contributed".

That whole feeling of patriotism makes no sense to me.

Only because some guy that lives in your country has invented something cool, doesn't in any ways mean "your country achieved something". If that guy who invented this and that lived in another place you wouldn't care. But only because he is also living in the same country doesn't make you as individual better or smarter or more important.

Saying we are good because my land did this and that is crap.

Where you were born and where you live should not be of any importance.

It  is about how you behave and what you do with your live.
+1 Jonas Meise · June 13, 2015
It is true that America is important to many other countries but what you say makes you sound arrogant. You think of other countries as little kids... You are our moms and dads... That is just not true. Of course it would be alot different for us without America. But you say it like everyone would instantaneously die if America stopped existing.

Don't get me wrong. You've got a point. But the way you say it makes you sound arrogant.
I see it as humans helping out other humans and working together to create a nice way of living and don't like to reduce anyone to where he comes from.

And what you also forgot is that America aswell profits from many other countries like they profit from America. It's not a one way ticket. There is always at least two sides to it.
+1 Jonas Meise · June 13, 2015
No point in discussing further I guess.
+1 Gerrit Spilt · July 30, 2015
Cardinal Coog, you are right many countries have to be thankfull to the US for their help. On the other hand it took some time before the US started helping in WW II. Pearl Harbour was the trigger. But that was not the question Bucky started with. 

I have no opinion about the Americans in general because there are big differnces between people within a country, a state, a city or even a street. I don't like nor hate the Americans as I don't like or hate the Russians. All men are equal to me.
+1 Jonas Meise · June 13, 2015
I thought bucky asked the non americans about their opinions... 
+1 Yara - · July 30, 2015
I am from Egypt and I can tell you that most of the people here can differentiate between the American government which is very hated by most of Egyptians because of their politics  and the American citizens ( everyone is judged alone according to their actions) and these feelings were present before the political changes that happened but it became more obvious these days ...
0 Bernhard Riemann Georg Friedrich · July 6, 2015
There was a speech by Obama in South Africa, where you can tell that the people there are very fond of him:

0 wernich wilsenach · July 15, 2015
from south africa:
a little bit like yosemite sam, but with a fat eating problem.

deep fried butter anyone? or how about bacon icecream bowl?

i watch "last week tonight" and john oliver sorta makes me worry about your country.

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