What conspiracy theory do you genuinely believe in the most?

+1 Bucky Roberts · June 12, 2015
What is one conspiracy theory that you believe to be true and why?

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0 leon krugliakov · June 19, 2015
Obama is a human
+3 Homer Simpson · June 19, 2015
Bucky is an extraterrestrial creature that needs too feed off of bacon and tuna to sustain life. Rumor has it that he doesn't even like these succulent meals. What he's really after is human brains. Knowledge tenderizes them and thus the free educational videos.
0 Cardinal Coog · June 20, 2015
A second gunman in the JFK assassination. What would Jack Ruby have gained by killing Oswald who was already in custody? To keep him from talking? Besides, does anyone *really* trust the spooks at the C.I.A?? 
0 Altaf Husain Neva · June 7, 2016
About Rothschild Family. ;)

And Corporate world controlling our minds.
0 Var D'ovoli · June 8, 2016
I believe that Al Gore really did invent the internet. I mean come people he new all about the doublya doublya doublya's before everyone else and even helped Sisco invent the dip switch at the Skoal Plant Terbaky Plant. He's a real genius when it comes to them interwebs. In all reality he invented all sorts of things including Global Warming because, people couldn't afford heating oil and stuff.
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